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Rare and Cellar Beer Swap


Door County beer Festival Rare and Cellar Beer Swap

We added a Rare and Cellar Beer Swap to the 2013 festival to give you even greater opportunities to try new flavors, and it’s going to be back in 2014!

This is your opportunity to trade and share your hard to find, rare and cellared beer with other like-minded beer geeks in a first-of-its-kind swap. These beers can be hop-forward, malt-forward, yeast-forward, sours and lambics or just hard to find (Example: beer that’s not available in this region) and/or limited edition beers. All bottle sizes accepted including 4- packs 6-packs, 22s and 750s. The swap is limited to the first 60 beers dropped off.

Here’s how this will work. There will be a tent located outside of the festival grounds marked “Beer Swap” and from 12-2 pm you will drop off beer that you feel qualifies as either hard to find, rare or cellar-able. (Don’t worry, there will be a judge to accept or deny your beer and we hold the right to reject your entry.)  After providing an ID with proof of age you will fill out a form indicating the beer(s) you are swapping and that all swaps are final. You will be given a number and that will be the order in which you draw for first choice. At 2 pm you will have 30 minutes to review the beers up for swap and at 2:30 you will be asked to return to the tent where you will draw for the # 1. If you draw #1 then you get to choose the first beer.  You will have up to 2 minutes to choose a beer. If you do not draw #1 and it’s your beer that is chosen it’s then your turn to choose. If no one chooses your beer you may go home with what you brought.

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